Thoughts on Backing out of Paris Treaty

So my Facebook feed has been loaded up with a lot of my friends railing the fact that we withdrew from the Paris deal. Many, are simply stuck on the fact that the deal was to "help the climate." So why in the world would we even think to back out due to anyone not…
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It’s all about Perspective

Really, everything is a matter of perspective. [caption id="attachment_2222" align="alignnone" width="750"] Everything is a matter of perspective[/caption]
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Can a Team Pull More Work into a Sprint?

Mike Cohn said in a newsletter today, "I'm frequently asked if a team can pull an additional product backlog item into a sprint if things are going well and they are clearly going to finish everything early or have already finished everything early." "Of course." "They can also drop work if things are going poorly. "…
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ScrumMaster Checklist

I came across a great resource for ScrumMasters by Michael James ( It is a comprehensive checklist for ScrumMasters; and might I say, also an awesome checklist for me to help guide ScrumMasters on my team be more effective, transform the entire organization as well as add a much higher degree of accountability for what…
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