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It’s all about Perspective

Really, everything is a matter of perspective. [caption id="attachment_2222" align="alignnone" width="750"] Everything is a matter of perspective[/caption]
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It looks good on a spreadsheet!

There is nothing like the day before a project. You have all your risks identified, you add your scope buffers based on previous metrics you have gathered, compensate for the whirlwind your team might be dealing with that affects capacity and everything else. Then the project starts. Software development is an epic obstacle course and…
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I’m all about the Start-up!

I ran across this picture on LinkedIn today. Man, how much I prefer the start up. You work so much harder and wear a great deal more hats, but at least your working towards something big, and with a close nit team, and which you had a major part in. Getting on the corporate treadmill…
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