ScrumMaster Checklist

I came across a great resource for ScrumMasters by Michael James ( It is a comprehensive checklist for ScrumMasters; and might I say, also an awesome checklist for me to help guide ScrumMasters on my team be more effective, transform the entire organization as well as add a much higher degree of accountability for what they should be doing.

Michael published the "ScrumMaster Checklist" back in 2012 and I started using it recently in my organization to help our ScrumMaster be more effective. In my opinion, the checklist can help a ScrumMaster be a master Jedi and call themselves Yoda! Going through the checklist, it was obvious that there were gaps in our organization. But it identified such a great opportunity to focus in on key areas that we could tackle and put us in an even better position for our current level of Agile adoption.

The checklist focuses on everything from areas of focus on the Product Owner, the Team, Engineering Practices, and the Organization as a whole. To Michaels point, if you can check off most of those items and still have time left in the day, you and your organization are rock starts with your Agile adoption.

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